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What Is Your Latest Forex Experience?

All goes smoothly or problems with some brokers?
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Best/Worst Forex Experiences?

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Forex experience so far

So I just thought I would just give an update about my forex trading experience so far. I currently trade on Oanda and have been rather satisfied with my experiences. I started on March first with 1,000 in my account and I currently have a net gain of 2,500. I have also withdrawn my original 1,000. So I would deffiently say it has been a good experience so far. I have also had my fair share of losses during the month but at least the wins came out on top. I would be interested to hear what some of your experiences have been.
Edit/Addition: My strategy is still a work in progress. During the first weeks i had very poor money management skills that led to some losses. I quickly learned the importance of Stop loss and my best friend the trailing stop. For the most part i use the downtime on the weekends to do my analysis and make my trades through the week based on my diagnosis. I trade primarily the NZD/USD pair (I would also recommend other new traders to find a currency pair they like and try sticking to it and learning as much as possible about it) i use this pair because it has the most appropriate volatility for my strategy. I make an average of 1 or 2 trades a day and some days i will make zero trades. I wait until the currency is at the most volatile point of the day and then make my trade. I usually set my stop loss at 20 pips (providing I am not trading a related news event in which case i would increase it to about 30 or 35 pips) I then watch the market and if I reach 6 pips profit I place my stop loss to my entry point in case the market turns against my position i will then break even. I then continue to watch the market and if i have moved to 12 pips of profit I set a trailing stop of 12 pips. After I have done this I will take no further action on my trade, I then let the market run its course comfortable knowing that i am not at risk of any losses but still assume a position where i can accumulate any amount of potential profits.I still think I have many flaws in my strategy and I also feel that i am still assuming too much risk during each trade. It is still a work in process and I will be modifying it soon but so far it has seemed to work. The vast majority of my losses where for attempting to trade news events and most of my regular trades tend to break even or at a profit of 1 or 2 pips. But my success has been through the trailing stop and letting my winners ride to high profits. I would also say the most important things I have learned is not to trade based off of emotion and that losses are just a part of FOREX trading. I use the FX Trade platform on OANDA and strongly recommend using the app for price alerts. Good luck to all and I will try to keep updates on any progress. Fell free to ask anymore questions and or critique my strategy because I know i still have much to learn.
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Is the Apple stock split worth investing in?

I have never bought any stocks before, I have some forex experience though. I recently saw that Apple announced they would be doing a 4:1 stock split on August 24 for current shareholders and August 31 for non shareholders. The stock is currently sitting at around £324. If I did buy a quarter of a stock, I wouldn't mind holding this position for 6 months + The reason why I am interested in investing in Apple stock right now is not only the announcement of their fifth stock split in history, but the fact that they are now dropping Intel processors in their Macs and will be switching to their own ARM based processors, built in house. This is going to be a massive step for Apple. Please reply with any advice or insights you may have. Thank you
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Building the right mindset

Hey guys! Most of my Forex experience I've been battling with my own head. I come from a very mathematical background and having applied my understanding of statistics, somewhat quickly arrived at strategies that could make money. The only aspect that I constantly struggled with was my psychology. Having overcome some of those problems already, I figured I'll share my personal way I learned how to keep myself in check and make sure I don't become irrational. Here's some of the realisations listed.
  1. Don't ever measure your success with money. So many people, myself included are celebrating their big trades, chasing the profits, just developing an unhealthy mindset centred around the money. It really is not the key.
I learned how to view money as a side effect of successful trading. Implementing decision based approach (instead of outcome based one), helps a lot! You can make a lot of money in a bad trade and lose a lot in a good one. Always question yourself and your strategy, when it's profitable or when it's not.
  1. After a successful trade - 'If only I had a bigger lot size on this one/if only I traded it in my live account'. Very common one, can reveal a lot of weakness. If you experience thoughts like this, or even worse if you see those kind of thoughts influence your decision - take a step back and work on your psychology. Any kind of expression like this shows greed. It's you chasing that money again, and usually this chase means you will lose it all along the way...
  2. If you do not enjoy analysing a lot of data, working with numbers, backtesting - trading is not for you. Analize the sources of your motivation when trading. Do you get mainly motivated if you see your account growing? Is the thought of getting money the main drive? Do you actually enjoy analizing graphs or just the money that will hopefully come after you do so? Many people look into Forex for a quick fix, dream job on your laptop when you're chilling on a beach somewhere. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but it won't happen. If you don't enjoy the process of perfecting strategies, analizing tons of data, statistical analysis, you will probably never make it.
Having reread my own writing it seems like greed explains all 3 of the points I highlighted. I hope this can help some of you, the ones with the decent mindset that need that extra push and the delusional ones that will not make it and hopefully wake up sooner than later. If you are posting pictures of your profits and getting your serotonin release once you see a profitable trade - you are digging your own grave (and there's so many of you here on this subreddit).
Anyways my final advice is: if you still think you have the passion, but yet find yourself struggling with psychology - just head to algorithmic trading. I have acknowledged that my psychology is in my way and my personal way of dealing with it, was just removing it from the equation. Now I'm mostly focused on building a portfolio of trading robots and I'm healthier in my trading.
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Bitcoin Forex Trading Experience, the price of the currency, goes up by $ 3,000 a day

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Bitcoin Forex Trading Experience, the price of the currency, goes up by $ 3,000 a day

For the first time since its appearance, the Bitcoin virtual currency has become one of the coins traded on the Chicago Stock Exchange, after its price exceeded the value of $ 15 thousand and 460.
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[SERIOUS] People who do online / Forex trading. What's your experience? Did you earn / lose money?

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To those who has years of experience on Forex trading, will the presidential debate move the market violently like NFP?

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for those that have invested in forex or stocks, how was your experience like?

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I have just started learning about trading in forex market and it would be great if someone with experience could help me to come up with a trading plan

I just finished reading Currency Trading for Dummies and I now have some very basic idea of trading however I understand that I’m only starting and I’m going to stick with demo account for now.
Now I want to start working on my trading plan and as I have learned there is no easy formula to make a trading plan however I think someone with experience could explain to me some flaws of my trading plan if there are any.
For now I only have a very basic trading plan. I have decided to trade in 1h and 4h charts. First, I will look at a general trend because as I learned in the book it is better to not trade against trend and then look at resistance and support in daily charts. Then I will look at where prices are likely to break resistance or support and there I am going to enter the market. I plan to close my positions at some key resistance or support levels or when I learn how to use it maybe I will also use Fibonacci retracement.
Hoping to hear andvice from someone who is familiar with such type of trading
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[SERIOUS] People who do online / Forex trading. What's your experience? Did you earn / lose money?

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Is it possible to be consistant getting profits trading Forex? Write down you experience.

I have been trading for around 3 months, learning step by step instead of following signals and etc. Has anyone here ever consistantly profit from trading Forex?
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I swear, the more I understand and experience in Forex, the more I ask myself what I’m getting myself into. But I keep going anyways. Anyone else feel the same way? Lol.

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In your experience, what is the most stress free to trade, stocks or forex and in what way?

I'm learning trading and have been focusing on stocks but find there are lots of entry barriers cost wise, especially when living in the EU for scanners and tools.
My reasoning was that there are more stocks and so it's easier to find markets that are not as competitive as the rest?
Forex seems like the place where big banks and institutional players hang out and manipulate making it more dificult for us retial traders to have a chance competing against them.
In your experience what is the most stress free trading market where you can go in and do analysis, buy something then:
Leave it for a day or atleast a few hours before checking in again?
I noticed following indicators means you have to keep checking them the whole time and this adds a level of stress that I'd prefer not to have.
Also which is easier to get into?
Any help here would be greatly apreciated.
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How to Make Money Trading Forex with No Previous Experience

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BTM fund is a new generation hybrid investment fund created with the participation of professionals with many years of experience in the stock market, forex, cryptocurrency market and traditional investment segment.
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Is there enough volume and open interest for to not experience any difference compared to trading a mini forex future instead?

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To anyone who has experience with multiple forex signal traderooms on Telegram, Discord, etc. what have you learned?

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Tell me about your experience with forex signals.

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How to Make Money Trading Forex with No Previous Experience

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My Experience Using Forex Signal Services - YouTube Forex Trading - My Experience - Tamil - YouTube Experiences of Trading Forex Professionally - (Important ... Forex For Experienced Traders - YouTube MY EXPERIENCE OF MAKING BIG MONEY FROM TRADING (The Honest ... Jamaican experience with Forex What you need to know ...

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My Experience Using Forex Signal Services - YouTube

I have explained My Experience in forex trading. These are a lil tips about forex i started a while now and my experience is good so decide to share with you guys , tell me if you want to know more about fo... Skip navigation Sign in. Search Nicholas talks about the reality of his experiences of first making big money from trading (closing 5-figure and 6-figure trades). How it changed his life at... 💲💹FREE Crypto MasterBot 2.0 Account HERE: https://blwonlinetrading.com/CryptoMasterBot2 Want to copy Winning TRADES?🔙💲💹Join My Official BLW Signals ... You're signed out. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. Cancel. Confirm ... So many people think that once you start trading the Fx market professionally you will have so many things going on. Which in most cases when you are a retai...